Getting AT Ready Strategy

We hope you have enjoyed Getting AT Ready and have learnt about lots of new assistive technology. We would like to build on this by helping you to apply it to your University or College, helping you get AT Ready.

As students and institutions are now having to rely on technology to learn, teach and provide support more than ever, being AT Ready now also matters more than ever.

By investing in assistive technology and training, disability support can become even more empowering, effective and cost-efficient.


Students study independently and learn skills they can use throughout study and into the workplace.


By making assistive technology available to everyone, everyone then has access to the ultimate productivity tools, including staff and people who might not identify as disabled.


Let’s us show you how by using our AT vs Non-Medical Help (NMH) calculator.

Study skills example – How much could your institution save by replacing some or all of your study skills tutors with study skills software?

NMH Cost: per year

Example of study skills AT: FindMyFlow annual license – at most £5295 + VAT per year

Saving: per year

This is obviously a simplified example, just for demonstration, but we hope it gets you thinking. We know that NMH support can be an enormous cost for colleges and universities and assistive technology can be a cost-effective replacement.

If you would like an informal chat about how Sight and Sound Technology might be able to help develop your assistive technology provision, getting you AT Ready, please contact our Head of Education, Carolyne Smith.