Welcome to Getting AT Ready Online 2020

If you joined us on the day we hoped you enjoyed the live events and are delighted you’ve come back!

If you missed the live event and are catching up now we’ve got some great content for you.

Below you will find recordings of the keynote speeches and panel discussion, the workshop videos and instructions on how to access the Getting AT Ready Flow in FindMyFlow. The Flow will give you access to a broad range of videos from AT manufacturers and developers – our virtual technology exhibition!

Running order of the day

10:00 – 11:00

Welcome and Introduction from Glenn Tookey, CEO Sight and Sound Technology

Siobhan Long and Joan O’Donnell: Digital Passports (Find out more)  Download slides

Watch recording
11:30 – 12:30 Steve Tyler: The Future of Assistive Technology (Find out more)  Download slides Watch recording
Break for lunch
14:00 – 15:00 Panel Discussion: Inter-country Collaboration (Find out more) Watch recording
16:00 Closing statement Watch recording


Supporting Visually Impaired Students [43:29]

Stuart Lawler and Ruth Gallagher Carr discuss considerations for supporting students with sight loss. (Find out more…)

Assessing and Supporting Remote Students [33:23]

Kellie Mote is joined by Beth Winkler, Carol Boyle and Mark Ross to talk about their experiences of assessing and supporting students remotely. (Find out more…)

The Cagney and Lacey Model of Assistive Technology [21:50]

Trevor Boland explores the potential of free apps, and whether it’s ever worth paying for them. (Find out more…)


FindMyFlow is a training web portal that combines resources on assistive technology and study skills for students to build effective study habits. This is achieved by completing a series of flows, each one addressing a particular skill.

We have worked with FindMyFlow to build a unique Getting AT Ready flow, that will provide you with a series of videos to watch from a range of assistive technology developers and manufacturers. The content is now available here.

Getting AT Ready Strategy

COVID-19 has changed Further and Higher education for the foreseeable future. Our reliance on technology to learn, teach and provide support has increased significantly. As the reliance on technology has increased, so has the need for assistive technology.

Sight and Sound Technology have developed an Assistive Technology strategy, designed to help you support your students and save Colleges and Universities money. To find out more, please click here.